Saturday, October 24, 2015

The beginning of a new beginning

Assalamualaikum everybody, weekends are here and I'm excited to get some rest from the busy weekdays. It is not really a rest because I ended up cleaning my new crib today. Finally, the time has come after so many months of planning on living together with one of my best friends and get a job. Took a good 3 months rest after I finished my degree and now I'm more than ready to get busy. I'm now working with i-Yuno Malaysia as a Subtitle Project Assistant. I started on last Thursday and I got to say that my first two days at work was splendid. The environment is great and the people there are so friendly and lively. I thought it was going to be hectic and stressful but it was not. The best part is, I get to watch the latest episode of Project Runway All-stars season 4 before it goes on air because I need to revise the subtitle first, plus many other series. Too bad there is no American Horror Story Hotel or America's Next Top Model, or else it would have been perfect! So that's about it, I'm now one step further into adulthood and I hope everything will turn out great. Amin.