Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello everyone, most of my friends and my followers on instagram already know that I'm a henna enthusiast. I love to draw patterns on my hands or wherever I can draw on using henna. Since I'm fascinated by the arts of tattoos, I think henna is actually an alternative for those who can't have or get tattoos due to several factors. For me, I love a very structured and symmetrical patterns compared to those flowery and abstract kind of patterns. Henna can also become one of the fashion accessories because when you have henna drawn on your hands, you don't need other accessories like rings or bangles. The henna can make a statement on its own. So below are some of my henna art ( or is it?) I prefer black colored henna because it looks much better and it is also have this tattoo kind of vibes to it. Some of my followers on instagram also requested more of my henna designs and I feel appreciated because there is actually people out there that acknowledged my interest. 

* I dont know my compass. Lol*

* one of my personal fav*

* I just randomly draw stuff*

* when you ran out of henna* 

* just because I feel like drawing*

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