Sunday, August 23, 2015

August's Babies

This month is full of blessings. From job offers to the birth of two new earthlings. My bff gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ayra. The first among my bff to have a baby. Two days after the birth of Ayra, my sister's fourth child was born. A baby boy (yet to be named). Well that was the story about the birth of a new generation, now I'm going to talk about the job offers. It's not really an offer but more of an interview conducted via phone. First of all, I was quite excited receiving the calls but what I don't like was that, I wasn't given any notice or warnings that I was about to be interviewed. So two on the phone interviews, I had two and both interviews were done while I was laying down on my bed with pillow covering my face. Well fingers crossed and I hope I'll get the job. Wish me luck because I'm so done sitting here doing exactly nothing.

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