Saturday, August 29, 2015


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Okay, yesterday I went for an interview and all I can say is everything went okay. I mean the interview session was kinda good but I stuttered and instead of selling myself, I talked a lot more about my friend who used to work there. Plus, the test given to me was a bit too complicated for me since it was related to my personality and the position I'm applying for. Whatever it is, I hope that everything will fall into place. But on the bright side, I got to eat for free. My former supervisor was having this farewell party for one of her intern and fortunately I was there to join. Lol 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

InstaShop : khairunna__style

Attention to all my girls (and some boys). Kalau mencari sejenis tudung yang selesa lagi cantik dan menawan. Boleh lah tengok2 sini @khairunna__style. Material crepe ( siapa buat lawak durian crepe akan diblock) dia sangat ringan dan mudah dibentuk dan sesuai lah untuk gadis2 berhijab diluar sana yang suka pakai hijab berbagai bentuk. Lagi satu, material jenis ni juga tak perlu digosok, maka gadis urban yang busy dengan kehidupan dikota tu boleh lah beli. Gadis desa yang yang nak jimat masa kalau2 ada orang kaya masuk meminang pun tak perlu tergopoh gapah nak beli steam Q iron kat goshop tu sebab nak gosok tudung. Beli je tudung tanpa perlu digosok ni. Plus,kalau tak nak pakai kat kepala tak apa, boleh ikat kat leher, ikat kat handbag and kalau hebat DIY, buat laa cardigan (cadangan penggunaan). Kalau nak hebat lagi, beli banyak2 pastu buat baju kurung. Corak2 dah lah cantik kan. Okay cerita banyak tak nak. Sila lah pergi ke. @khairunna__style dan selamat membeli belah. #InstashopMalaysia #TudungCrepe


Hello beloved readers. So this time I'm helping my sister in starting out her online shop. So kindly visit khairunna__style to take a look at some of the scarfs currently on sale. The insta handle is khairunna (double underscore __) style.


Welcome Qasif Faaz

First look at my latest nephew. Qasif Faaz ( I'm not sure about the spelling btw). Please grow up less naughty than your brothers and sister okay !

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August's Babies

This month is full of blessings. From job offers to the birth of two new earthlings. My bff gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ayra. The first among my bff to have a baby. Two days after the birth of Ayra, my sister's fourth child was born. A baby boy (yet to be named). Well that was the story about the birth of a new generation, now I'm going to talk about the job offers. It's not really an offer but more of an interview conducted via phone. First of all, I was quite excited receiving the calls but what I don't like was that, I wasn't given any notice or warnings that I was about to be interviewed. So two on the phone interviews, I had two and both interviews were done while I was laying down on my bed with pillow covering my face. Well fingers crossed and I hope I'll get the job. Wish me luck because I'm so done sitting here doing exactly nothing.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello everyone, most of my friends and my followers on instagram already know that I'm a henna enthusiast. I love to draw patterns on my hands or wherever I can draw on using henna. Since I'm fascinated by the arts of tattoos, I think henna is actually an alternative for those who can't have or get tattoos due to several factors. For me, I love a very structured and symmetrical patterns compared to those flowery and abstract kind of patterns. Henna can also become one of the fashion accessories because when you have henna drawn on your hands, you don't need other accessories like rings or bangles. The henna can make a statement on its own. So below are some of my henna art ( or is it?) I prefer black colored henna because it looks much better and it is also have this tattoo kind of vibes to it. Some of my followers on instagram also requested more of my henna designs and I feel appreciated because there is actually people out there that acknowledged my interest. 

* I dont know my compass. Lol*

* one of my personal fav*

* I just randomly draw stuff*

* when you ran out of henna* 

* just because I feel like drawing*


Hello once again, I'm so excited to be using this app on my iPhone. Feels like updating my blog every now and then. Lol so now, since I've been applying jobs related to writing and stuff, I'm trying to get myself familiarize with all the possible apps people or organizations will be using. One of the most talked about app is the wordpress app. It is somewhat similar to blogger but it is used by big organizations I supposed. I think I'm going to have this wordpress account too. So guys out there, please support me okay? I'm trying to improve my writing skills by having blogs and stuff. I believe that this is the most effective way to improve it. I really need a responsive audiences. I need feedback so that I will know where my level is and how can I improve. So if you are reading this, please leave me so constructive comments and tips. Thank you and God bless :) 

* wordpress is looking sophisticated *

Oh Dear

Hello there readers, I'm so upset with myself right now because I just found out about this awesome blogger apps for ios. Just when I thought I can only update my blog using my laptop, now I found this! This is a miracle and I think I'm going to be updating my blog as much as I can now. Oh the ease of having everything in your iPhone. I love technologies 😘