Monday, June 29, 2015

The Scents

Hello again, the second post of the day and now i want to talk about some of the perfume I've tried. I'm the type who likes woody musky scented perfume and a little bit of floral sweetness and the freshness of citrus. so below are some of the perfume that I've tried and let see which one is my favorite. 

Thierry Mugler - ANGEL 

ANGEL by Thierry Mugler has this sweet and soft scent to it where each time you spray it, you feel like biting yourself. 

Katy Perry - MEOW

Meow by Katy Perry was the first celebrity perfume I've ever had and I love the candy like smell and almost similar to ANGEL, I feel like licking myself like a cat whenever i sprayed this on. MEOW !


Be Delicious from DKNY is one of the freshest perfume I've ever smell. when you sprayed this on, you'll feel like you just got out from the shower. 


Dior Addict scent is more to floral freshness and the scent itself made you feel expensive and classy. the fresh scent is not as strong as Be Delicious.

Tommy Hilfiger - TRUE STAR MEN

i think true star men was the only male fragrance i can tolerate with. because i cant stand a strong scent on me but i love the smell of this strong citrus, musky and a bit hint of spice scent but not on me. 

Lady Gaga - FAME
FAME by Lady Gaga, if i ever wanted another sweet scented perfume, this will be it! not because I'm a little monster (Of course that's the reason) but FAME is like the sexiest sweet scented perfume out there. not to mention that it is the world's first Black Eau De Parfum. 

Lady Gaga - EAU DE GAGA

I know i'm not supposed to say this but this perfume will make you feel a certain way and sexy. its like true star men but a more softer version. EAU DE GAGA will make you want to do things you know those naughty things. definitely my fav but the downside of it is that it doesn't stay long. it took me 4 months to finish the 75ml. damn i need to spray it more than twice a day. 

p/s: this is not a review and we smell things differently. don't judge because i'm using the girl's perfume. 

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