Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Social Media

Hey everybody, well i don't know if any of you even care but i going to write about it anyway. so social media is like the air that we breathe. every each one of us need at least one social media account. well not me, i don't need one but i need several. first of all, i'm on social media because i like to keep in touch with my friends and then make new friends and as cheesy it might sound (more like desperate) i like to get to know people a little more *wink*. so basically i'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and that's all (link available above if you even care to check it out). on mobile i'm only available on Tinder and that's all. if you see me on any other social media accounts please take note that those accounts are not mine (how do i even dare to think that people would make a fake account of myself, urgh! check yourself please). so you guys can reach me through any of the social media accounts mentioned. hey lets be friend shall we? oh yeah, i forgot, i'm on this blog because i want to write, tell, share shits because sometimes my friends and family won't listen. just like what i'm doing now. (please pretend that you care okay?) smooch.  see you next time. July is coming OMG !

This irrelevant picture is here because i don't want this post to be empty. plus social media made me do it. 

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