Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rio De Janeiro

Hello readers, we are half way through 2015 and I’m so excited because Rio 2016 is coming. Sport is just one of my interests that not many people knew about because I don’t look like someone who plays sports. I know I don’t play sport much but let me tell you that I’m a long distance runner back in high school days and even now in my degree years( I made it to top 25 out of 700+ runners for my university long distance run).  Okay stop blowing my own horn, let’s talk about why I love sports. Basically for me, I see sports as one of the many fractions of art because sportsmen are a lovely piece of art (don’t you think?) well apart from that, I love seeing the body movements, the fashion, the diversity of culture and I don’t know what else. But I do see art in sports and they are so beautiful. When you talk about mega sports event such as the summer Olympic, FIFA World cup and F1 race, you can’t help but to anticipate the grand opening and closing ceremonies. That is when you can experience the explosion of arts in full scale. I cried during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic because it was too beautiful. Talking about the opening ceremony, I love to see the march (parade?) of the sport contingents. Well, the opening and closing ceremonies are not the only place you can see the existence of art. During the sports tournament itself you can see more arts like the clothes they are wearing and the design of the medal itself. Yet again, Olympic Beijing 2008’s medals are the most beautiful medal ever. Combining Jade with the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, it is just plain genius and very China. Other than that, the architecture also has a lot of art values, and once again the 2008 Beijing Olympic did just that. The bird nest stadium is surely one of a kind and the Beijing Aquatic centre too. Referring to something closer to home, the 28th SEA Game is now happening in Singapore and I’m in love the Sport District. I’m really excited and can’t wait to see what Rio De Janeiro has to offer for Olympic 2016! I heard that Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario will make an appearance. Gosh I’m even excited for Tokyo 2020. I know Japan going to be a great host for Olympic as well! Maybe Ultraman or Godzilla will be there?

P/S: Excuse my English.

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