Monday, June 29, 2015

Final Week of My Degree Life

OMG, i can't believe it. it has been three years since i started my degree life here in Shah Alam. Now I'm in my final week before i actually completed my degree. the final week is packed with presentations. the first presentation was on our workplace experience and i talked about my internship with Zalora Malaysia. it was the first presentation i had to do after so long, so it was kind of nerve-wrecking and my voice was shaky most of the time. the second presentation was on how to get an organization to sponsor for your event. i must say that i'm more comfortable with the second presentation because i was talking about the thing i love the most. the last presentation will be on this Thursday and it i will be presenting my research paper. i know this is going to be a tough one because i'm not even sure what my research is all about. i'm so dead in front of the panels. God help me! okay everyone, pray for my success and wish me all the best. i'm going to be a graduate in Bachelor (Hons) Applied Language Studies English for Professional Communication. InsyaAllah.

during presentation no 1, can you see how nervous i was? God knows what was going my head at that moment. 

Faiz Faisal from Livescape Asia, hoping that Hotlink will be the main sponsor for Lady Gaga's ArtRave The ARTPOP Ball Live in Kuala Lumpur. as a Little Monster, i was having the time of my life here to get the chance to talk about Lady Gaga and made her apart of my degree life. i need more than 12 minutes to talk about this Lady.

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