Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zalora Malaysia


Hi everyone, well this will be the most cliche introduction for every new post I wrote after for so long. I've been dying to find time to update my blog. well as you can see now, I've deleted all the previous posts (No I didn't, I just reverted them to draft) to give ways for me to actually give a new life to my blog. Okay now, back to the title which is Zalora Malaysia. 

For those who didn't know (like who did?), I'm currently doing my internship here in Zalora Malaysia and I'll be finishing in a week time. Let me share about my experience here in Zalora Malaysia. First of all, I'm placed under the Production Department which I'm so grateful to be placed here even though the things I'm doing here doesn't really related to my field of study, but the people here are just so friendly and very helpful. Just when you thought it is going to be all 'Devil wears Prada' ish vibe here in Zalora and it is nowhere close to that movie. Okay now let me talk about what I'm doing here. 

In the Production Department of Zalora Malaysia, There are several other sub-departments I supposed or whatever its called. There is the Measurement Team (that's me), QC team, Content Writer Team, Retoucher Team, Studio Team and Styling Team (I think that's all). My responsibility is to update the measurements provided by the warehouse into the Zalora website (yes you're right, all the size details are uploaded by yours truly). Well actually I'm responsible for Zalora Singapore (so size details in Zalora Singapore were updated by me). Plus, I'm also responsible in updating the brand files for Zalora Singapore as well and I've been updating measurement for brands such as Mango, Mango Man, River Island, American Apparel and many more. 

It was hard at first because I'm not familiar with all the software these people are using but I managed to learn it in time. Oh yes! I remembered something. I'm also responsible in updating the measurements which provided directly by the suppliers and I've encountered lots of issues with it. The proud moment is when my supervisor asked to find a solution for this matter and my ideas were generously poured onto the table and she approved. I felt like I've contributed something to Zalora (its a good start isn't it?) and my supervisor also asked me to make a new file to gather all the measurements provided my the suppliers and with minimal supervision, I managed to get the file ready (stop blowing your own horn lah adoi). 

So basically, that is all I've been doing here in Zalora apart of making new friends and gained valuable experience. With the remaining one week here, I'm sure I'll be missing coming to work and updating files and share foods with the people in your island. This will be a good start for me to have a career in the fashion industry. Working in the fashion industry has always been my dream since I found out that I'm bad in Science and I can't be a Vet (which was my ambition when I was little up till I'm 13 years old). At least now I know how to measure clothes and stuff and what is in and what is not. I'm going to cherish this wonderful experience wherever I go. Zalora Malaysia has given me so much to learn and I'll be forever grateful. 

What is next for me? Alexander Wang please tell me something good please. 

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