Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roasted Pepper

Hello folks, its that time of the century again where i changed my blog url. No more boys of July, them boys are having some issues among them so i decided to go with something more organic and close to the nature. What else could it be? Pepper of course. Why? because first of all i love spiciness, be it food, gossips, relationships and whatever. Wait! i don't see the relevance and importance of this post but none of my post really is important and relevant. So why not? instead of talking to myself in the toilet or inside my room, i might as well talk to myself here. It seems like i'm working on something very important while typing on the keyboard with a serious face as if i'm decoding the US nuclear system. Enough with that, what i really want to talk about here is "How badly i want to start something new" (not that new actually). It is more of reviving my old dreams, after all i'm going to graduate soon and i want to focus on my 10 years long dream (minus the 14 years of me hoping to make it as a vet until i discovered i'm bad in almost everything logical and factual). I want to venture in the fashion industry (or the creative industry) and for a start, i don't mind getting coffees or apples for them bitches (ding dong! what did Evil Queen gave Snow White?). I gotta start somewhere right? I'm planning on small small things first before i proceed with bigger things. I think the creative industry will do me justice not because i'm a creative person (i think there's a tiny bit of creativity in me though) but i'm the kind of person who likes to work on something new everyday. I'm easily get bored, so i think industries that involve creating something new is what i need. Plus, i really need the support from my family and friends because who else is going to support you right? Apart from that, i need all the wishes and prayers from all of you people and lets hope everything will go smoothly. I believe that God will help us if the intention is good. Okay now its the time for me to quote someone.

" I'm gonna change the world one sequin at a time" -Lady Gaga

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