Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend.

Well everyday is a Mother's day but lets have this whole weekend appreciating her a little bit more. Every mother in this world is a superhuman. From the pain of contraction during giving birth to 'awesomeness' (which is us) to raising us and made us awesome while doing the house chores and even go to work. That is why I always admires Female heroes because in real life, Woman is truly a one of a kind superhero. While our Father has done their part as well but being pregnant for 9 month and giving birth and going through period pains for their whole life? Woman! you are amazing and sorry if the other guys always looked at you as weak and feel as if they have the authority to tell you what to do.  For that, lets spend this weekend appreciating all Mothers around the world. I love you Mom and also My other mommy, Lady Gaga the Mother Monster! Happy Mother's Day.

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