Friday, May 15, 2015

Hari Raya 2015

Ramadhan is coming in less than a month is it? I forgot to check my calendar (lazy). So i bet all of you have been looking for what to wear this raya right? So why not have a look at this year raya inspiration. This year for the ladies, i've seen a lot of structured Baju Kurung and neoprene fabric. From Fiziwoo's collection to Rizalman's. The designs are minimal yet elegant and it will definitely brings out the glamour in you. Jovian Mandagie for Zalora collections this year are also something you girls can consider on having for raya. The collections known as ART DECO combines the beauty of symmetrical patterns and simplicity of a baju kurung. 

Fiziwoo's designs are very structured and neat and neoprene fabric made it look so classy and elegant.

Rizalman's designs also have the minimalist approach and looking more modern and fresh compared to the conventional baju kurung and jubah.

Jovian's designs are looking more vibrant and energetic with the bold colors and symmetrical patterns.

The girls will definitely go crazy with all the variety of baju kurung to choose from for this raya. How about the guys ? Afraid not, Zery Zamry's Hipster baju melayu are definitely something to consider having especially for those guys who are fashion forward. The cutting of the baju melayu is modern-fit and it will complement your toned body (or not). Last year, the jubah made it's major debut among the men when almost every man were spotter wearing jubah for raya. The trend seems to be carried forward to this coming raya when some of the designers are producing couple jubah. So have you guys make your decisions yet? I'm definitely going to design my own jubah this year. 

The bold designs and patterns are what will make you look out of the ordinary this raya guys.

P/S: Sheer fabric also seems to be a trend this year, remember MET Gala? I should consider of having something sheer looking this raya. LOL there goes the modesty of raya, judge me will ya?

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