Monday, May 11, 2015

Face map.

Greeting earthlings, as a normal human being who is constantly insecure about myself, be it my face, my body, my hair and even the clothes i wear. I'm always in the low when it comes to think about myself. I was told by many that I have healthy skin and somewhat flawless (I'm not making this up or trying to blow my own horn or something, people did said that and I don't know if they really mean it or else). I'm forever thankful for that but recently, my skin is not being nice to me. Zits are coming out all over my face and it seems like they are going to stay there forever (God noooooo!!!!). So due to my forever low self-esteem, I googled about why is my zit there and how the hell can i get rid of it. I found an article on that and I think it is a good read for people like me and I feel the responsibility of sharing it with my fellow self-conscious friends. It tells you about your face map and why is the zit come out at the that region of your face. If you want to know why is/are you zits there and the solution to it, click here and say this magic words out loud,

"Acne Acne Go Away, Go To Another Galaxy And Stay There"

P/S: Fight for your skin, they can't speak for themselves. Do not let the zits invade your face and make it their new home. FREE YOUR SKIN !!!

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