Monday, May 18, 2015

Eyebrows on Fleek

I got to admit, i used to look at someone's teeth and fingernails while i'm talking to them because i believe that those with good set of teeth and manicured fingernails are those who are really hygienic and take a good care of themselves. Just recently, i'm attracted to those thick and structured eyebrows or they nowadays calling it 'on fleek'. A well groomed eyebrows are not the indicator that one is hygienic or not but it indicates that one is well aware of themselves and will take the effort of making themselves look good. In a simple word, these people are self-loving. You heard the saying that "how can you love others when you can't love yourself" or Whitney Houston once sang it "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all" (i dont know where this post is going). Well i think that is all, i just wanna say that when i'm talking to you, those are the three things i'll be paying my attention to. Teeth, fingernails and eyebrows. (It is advisable not to look at mine though). Plus, if you want to know what eyebrows shape that flatter your face shape, you can click here.

Eyebrows goals !!

p/s: I haven't change my header yet and it is not good ! Boys of July was so last year. Roasted Pepper header please !

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