Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Heyyyyyy, so this is kind of a repost laa since i have posted about my hairs months back but now i have hair updates. I have been changing my quite a lot when i was doing my internship with Zalora. Plus, i wanna say thank you for reading my post for today (if there is any). Yeah I know I’m not one of those Twitter famous, Facebook celebrities, Instagram models or a Hipster Tumblr dude. My Twitter followers keep on unfollowing me because people are sick of my tweets, won’t blame them though. I don’t even know what I tweeted most of the time. Well babbling is over. Now is the time to talk about my post for today. So are you excited to know what hairstyles I have been trying on previously? (The sounds of crickets grew violent). Okay whatever, so let see what are the hairstyles I once wore on my big oblong shaped head.

1. The ‘I accidently poured fabric softener on my head’ Rebonding Sh*t Hair.

First of all, this was like the biggest mistakes in the history of mankind. Being sentenced to death for having this hair is a must! I wished someone had hanged me on a tree with my own stupid hair back then. What the hell was I thinking? Getting my hair straighten when I should be straightening something else. Urgh major embarrassment but hey that’s life, people made stupid choice and learn from it. I did learn it the hard way though. This stupid hair survived humiliation for a full five months. Only God knows how I felt during those days. May God forbid this hair to ever exist on top of my head ever again. Amin

2. The Mohawk

This was the first ever daring haircut I had when I was doing my diploma. Well it was daring to me though even it seems normal to some. The thing is it does not suit my face and what else can I do other than wore it proudly back then. This was the Mohawk.

3. The Blond Ambition

Well one thing about this hair was that it was my favorite hairstyle ever but was disapproved by my family and I can see why. The hell with this boy whose face looking all ‘kampung’ Malay suddenly have blonde hair right? I remembered my late father (Al-fatihah) asked me ‘tak malu ke rambut macam tu?’ and one thing about me is that, I may appear to be shy and I am shy but there is this tiny bit part of me that is shameless. So yeah I was blonde for 9 days only.

4. The Island

The name says it all. This was like the Mohawk hair but slightly different. I shaved the back and the side of my head leaving the hair on top only. Yet another messed up haircut that I gave myself. FYI all my hairstyles were DIY. I cut and color them myself.

5. The Half Black, Half White aka The Panda

This hair was the most recent hairstyle I have experimented on and I must say I kind of loving it and the feedback that I got for this hairstyle was it suited me well or not that well but most people said I looked good in it. It was my second favorite hairstyle after the fully blonde hair. 

6. The 'I love you, You love me' Monster Barney hair

This was an accident really, i bought a blue hair dye but it turned out to be purple. I swore i heard people sang the Barney's theme song while i was having my lunch. 

7. The Ice Prince Syndrome

I was once a blonde, but this time i went full platinum blonde just like that 'let it go, let it go' princess. The process of achieving this color was painful but hey i'm in love with it, Looking so cold just like my soul. 

8. The Granny Hair

This is like the it thing now where people color their hair grey or silver and was hoping that they'll look as good when they're older. so i was one of the few who tried this hairstyle. Loved it but i love Ice Blonde even more.

9. The Milk Tea Blonde

I dont know what to say about this color, hate it and that's all.

So that was it, as for now I’m bald so there’s nothing much I can do about it. Please learn something from my post today, just because that hair looks good on somebody else, it does not mean it will look good on you okay? 

The current me . Botak don't care they say

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