Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bad Blood

Oh my God, i have never been so excited for a music video premiere as much as Lady Gaga's music videos. I will be in front of my laptop counting down with the hopes of becoming one of the first human being to be watching Gaga's new music video. However, this time around. TayTay got me all excited for her new upcoming music video 'Bad Blood' (haven't heard the song yet but i'll wait till the video comes out). Why it got me so excited? the stars of the video of course! Have you guys seen the character posters TayTay been posting on her instagram? This start studded video will be the biggest music video this year or even this century. I remembered the last music video with so many stars in it was Michael Jackson's Librarian girl (or is it Libyan girl?). But what i was hoping to see Lorde in it too ( you girls are bff right?). So, you guys think 'Bad Blood' will be the biggest music video ever? (personally i see this more like a mini movie instead of a music video). Don't you guys think the characters in the music video are geniuses? i do! Can't wait!!! Look at the poster below, TayTay as Catastrophe. (To checkout other character's posters, click here ).

p/s: Never a swifty and always a little monster but i'm still excited for Taylor.

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