Saturday, October 24, 2015

The beginning of a new beginning

Assalamualaikum everybody, weekends are here and I'm excited to get some rest from the busy weekdays. It is not really a rest because I ended up cleaning my new crib today. Finally, the time has come after so many months of planning on living together with one of my best friends and get a job. Took a good 3 months rest after I finished my degree and now I'm more than ready to get busy. I'm now working with i-Yuno Malaysia as a Subtitle Project Assistant. I started on last Thursday and I got to say that my first two days at work was splendid. The environment is great and the people there are so friendly and lively. I thought it was going to be hectic and stressful but it was not. The best part is, I get to watch the latest episode of Project Runway All-stars season 4 before it goes on air because I need to revise the subtitle first, plus many other series. Too bad there is no American Horror Story Hotel or America's Next Top Model, or else it would have been perfect! So that's about it, I'm now one step further into adulthood and I hope everything will turn out great. Amin.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy 1st Anniversary TGV MovieClub

It's my favorite cinema's MovieClub first anniversary. So I'm dedicating this post to them. 

Now my hobby is more rewarding ! This is made possible by TGV MovieClub.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Limited python t-shirt on sale. For only RM 30 including postage. Sizes from S, M, L, XL. Get yours now. Whatsapp 019-6258005 for details


Okay, yesterday I went for an interview and all I can say is everything went okay. I mean the interview session was kinda good but I stuttered and instead of selling myself, I talked a lot more about my friend who used to work there. Plus, the test given to me was a bit too complicated for me since it was related to my personality and the position I'm applying for. Whatever it is, I hope that everything will fall into place. But on the bright side, I got to eat for free. My former supervisor was having this farewell party for one of her intern and fortunately I was there to join. Lol 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

InstaShop : khairunna__style

Attention to all my girls (and some boys). Kalau mencari sejenis tudung yang selesa lagi cantik dan menawan. Boleh lah tengok2 sini @khairunna__style. Material crepe ( siapa buat lawak durian crepe akan diblock) dia sangat ringan dan mudah dibentuk dan sesuai lah untuk gadis2 berhijab diluar sana yang suka pakai hijab berbagai bentuk. Lagi satu, material jenis ni juga tak perlu digosok, maka gadis urban yang busy dengan kehidupan dikota tu boleh lah beli. Gadis desa yang yang nak jimat masa kalau2 ada orang kaya masuk meminang pun tak perlu tergopoh gapah nak beli steam Q iron kat goshop tu sebab nak gosok tudung. Beli je tudung tanpa perlu digosok ni. Plus,kalau tak nak pakai kat kepala tak apa, boleh ikat kat leher, ikat kat handbag and kalau hebat DIY, buat laa cardigan (cadangan penggunaan). Kalau nak hebat lagi, beli banyak2 pastu buat baju kurung. Corak2 dah lah cantik kan. Okay cerita banyak tak nak. Sila lah pergi ke. @khairunna__style dan selamat membeli belah. #InstashopMalaysia #TudungCrepe


Hello beloved readers. So this time I'm helping my sister in starting out her online shop. So kindly visit khairunna__style to take a look at some of the scarfs currently on sale. The insta handle is khairunna (double underscore __) style.


Welcome Qasif Faaz

First look at my latest nephew. Qasif Faaz ( I'm not sure about the spelling btw). Please grow up less naughty than your brothers and sister okay !

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August's Babies

This month is full of blessings. From job offers to the birth of two new earthlings. My bff gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ayra. The first among my bff to have a baby. Two days after the birth of Ayra, my sister's fourth child was born. A baby boy (yet to be named). Well that was the story about the birth of a new generation, now I'm going to talk about the job offers. It's not really an offer but more of an interview conducted via phone. First of all, I was quite excited receiving the calls but what I don't like was that, I wasn't given any notice or warnings that I was about to be interviewed. So two on the phone interviews, I had two and both interviews were done while I was laying down on my bed with pillow covering my face. Well fingers crossed and I hope I'll get the job. Wish me luck because I'm so done sitting here doing exactly nothing.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello everyone, most of my friends and my followers on instagram already know that I'm a henna enthusiast. I love to draw patterns on my hands or wherever I can draw on using henna. Since I'm fascinated by the arts of tattoos, I think henna is actually an alternative for those who can't have or get tattoos due to several factors. For me, I love a very structured and symmetrical patterns compared to those flowery and abstract kind of patterns. Henna can also become one of the fashion accessories because when you have henna drawn on your hands, you don't need other accessories like rings or bangles. The henna can make a statement on its own. So below are some of my henna art ( or is it?) I prefer black colored henna because it looks much better and it is also have this tattoo kind of vibes to it. Some of my followers on instagram also requested more of my henna designs and I feel appreciated because there is actually people out there that acknowledged my interest. 

* I dont know my compass. Lol*

* one of my personal fav*

* I just randomly draw stuff*

* when you ran out of henna* 

* just because I feel like drawing*


Hello once again, I'm so excited to be using this app on my iPhone. Feels like updating my blog every now and then. Lol so now, since I've been applying jobs related to writing and stuff, I'm trying to get myself familiarize with all the possible apps people or organizations will be using. One of the most talked about app is the wordpress app. It is somewhat similar to blogger but it is used by big organizations I supposed. I think I'm going to have this wordpress account too. So guys out there, please support me okay? I'm trying to improve my writing skills by having blogs and stuff. I believe that this is the most effective way to improve it. I really need a responsive audiences. I need feedback so that I will know where my level is and how can I improve. So if you are reading this, please leave me so constructive comments and tips. Thank you and God bless :) 

* wordpress is looking sophisticated *

Oh Dear

Hello there readers, I'm so upset with myself right now because I just found out about this awesome blogger apps for ios. Just when I thought I can only update my blog using my laptop, now I found this! This is a miracle and I think I'm going to be updating my blog as much as I can now. Oh the ease of having everything in your iPhone. I love technologies 😘

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Social Media

Hey everybody, well i don't know if any of you even care but i going to write about it anyway. so social media is like the air that we breathe. every each one of us need at least one social media account. well not me, i don't need one but i need several. first of all, i'm on social media because i like to keep in touch with my friends and then make new friends and as cheesy it might sound (more like desperate) i like to get to know people a little more *wink*. so basically i'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and that's all (link available above if you even care to check it out). on mobile i'm only available on Tinder and that's all. if you see me on any other social media accounts please take note that those accounts are not mine (how do i even dare to think that people would make a fake account of myself, urgh! check yourself please). so you guys can reach me through any of the social media accounts mentioned. hey lets be friend shall we? oh yeah, i forgot, i'm on this blog because i want to write, tell, share shits because sometimes my friends and family won't listen. just like what i'm doing now. (please pretend that you care okay?) smooch.  see you next time. July is coming OMG !

This irrelevant picture is here because i don't want this post to be empty. plus social media made me do it. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Scents

Hello again, the second post of the day and now i want to talk about some of the perfume I've tried. I'm the type who likes woody musky scented perfume and a little bit of floral sweetness and the freshness of citrus. so below are some of the perfume that I've tried and let see which one is my favorite. 

Thierry Mugler - ANGEL 

ANGEL by Thierry Mugler has this sweet and soft scent to it where each time you spray it, you feel like biting yourself. 

Katy Perry - MEOW

Meow by Katy Perry was the first celebrity perfume I've ever had and I love the candy like smell and almost similar to ANGEL, I feel like licking myself like a cat whenever i sprayed this on. MEOW !


Be Delicious from DKNY is one of the freshest perfume I've ever smell. when you sprayed this on, you'll feel like you just got out from the shower. 


Dior Addict scent is more to floral freshness and the scent itself made you feel expensive and classy. the fresh scent is not as strong as Be Delicious.

Tommy Hilfiger - TRUE STAR MEN

i think true star men was the only male fragrance i can tolerate with. because i cant stand a strong scent on me but i love the smell of this strong citrus, musky and a bit hint of spice scent but not on me. 

Lady Gaga - FAME
FAME by Lady Gaga, if i ever wanted another sweet scented perfume, this will be it! not because I'm a little monster (Of course that's the reason) but FAME is like the sexiest sweet scented perfume out there. not to mention that it is the world's first Black Eau De Parfum. 

Lady Gaga - EAU DE GAGA

I know i'm not supposed to say this but this perfume will make you feel a certain way and sexy. its like true star men but a more softer version. EAU DE GAGA will make you want to do things you know those naughty things. definitely my fav but the downside of it is that it doesn't stay long. it took me 4 months to finish the 75ml. damn i need to spray it more than twice a day. 

p/s: this is not a review and we smell things differently. don't judge because i'm using the girl's perfume. 

Final Week of My Degree Life

OMG, i can't believe it. it has been three years since i started my degree life here in Shah Alam. Now I'm in my final week before i actually completed my degree. the final week is packed with presentations. the first presentation was on our workplace experience and i talked about my internship with Zalora Malaysia. it was the first presentation i had to do after so long, so it was kind of nerve-wrecking and my voice was shaky most of the time. the second presentation was on how to get an organization to sponsor for your event. i must say that i'm more comfortable with the second presentation because i was talking about the thing i love the most. the last presentation will be on this Thursday and it i will be presenting my research paper. i know this is going to be a tough one because i'm not even sure what my research is all about. i'm so dead in front of the panels. God help me! okay everyone, pray for my success and wish me all the best. i'm going to be a graduate in Bachelor (Hons) Applied Language Studies English for Professional Communication. InsyaAllah.

during presentation no 1, can you see how nervous i was? God knows what was going my head at that moment. 

Faiz Faisal from Livescape Asia, hoping that Hotlink will be the main sponsor for Lady Gaga's ArtRave The ARTPOP Ball Live in Kuala Lumpur. as a Little Monster, i was having the time of my life here to get the chance to talk about Lady Gaga and made her apart of my degree life. i need more than 12 minutes to talk about this Lady.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rio De Janeiro

Hello readers, we are half way through 2015 and I’m so excited because Rio 2016 is coming. Sport is just one of my interests that not many people knew about because I don’t look like someone who plays sports. I know I don’t play sport much but let me tell you that I’m a long distance runner back in high school days and even now in my degree years( I made it to top 25 out of 700+ runners for my university long distance run).  Okay stop blowing my own horn, let’s talk about why I love sports. Basically for me, I see sports as one of the many fractions of art because sportsmen are a lovely piece of art (don’t you think?) well apart from that, I love seeing the body movements, the fashion, the diversity of culture and I don’t know what else. But I do see art in sports and they are so beautiful. When you talk about mega sports event such as the summer Olympic, FIFA World cup and F1 race, you can’t help but to anticipate the grand opening and closing ceremonies. That is when you can experience the explosion of arts in full scale. I cried during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic because it was too beautiful. Talking about the opening ceremony, I love to see the march (parade?) of the sport contingents. Well, the opening and closing ceremonies are not the only place you can see the existence of art. During the sports tournament itself you can see more arts like the clothes they are wearing and the design of the medal itself. Yet again, Olympic Beijing 2008’s medals are the most beautiful medal ever. Combining Jade with the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, it is just plain genius and very China. Other than that, the architecture also has a lot of art values, and once again the 2008 Beijing Olympic did just that. The bird nest stadium is surely one of a kind and the Beijing Aquatic centre too. Referring to something closer to home, the 28th SEA Game is now happening in Singapore and I’m in love the Sport District. I’m really excited and can’t wait to see what Rio De Janeiro has to offer for Olympic 2016! I heard that Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario will make an appearance. Gosh I’m even excited for Tokyo 2020. I know Japan going to be a great host for Olympic as well! Maybe Ultraman or Godzilla will be there?

P/S: Excuse my English.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maison De Noir

Okay, i have so many dreams but my ultimate dream is to have my own fashion house. I know it is an industry where the competition is tough and it is hard to survive if you are unable to keep up with the pace. The ever changing world of fashion requires you to constantly look for something new to offer to the public. I want to get involved in this industry because i'm the type of person who gets bored easily, so i believe that industries such as fashion and entertainment really is a good thing for me to explore because these industries are evolving rapidly and it is hard for me to get bored. Okay now, let me talk about how i want my fashion house to be. Maison De Noir or House of Black will be the name of my fashion house. Why? because all my collections will be in black and little bit of white since i strongly believe that black is a universal color and it is timeless and elegant. I'm gonna make sure it is affordable and i want everyone to look and feel great. There will be colors but it is going to be something seasonal. Basically, Maison De Noir is going to be very simple, minimal and classy. I'm so excited for this and i hope everything will go smoothly and Maison De Noir will be open for business anytime soon. 

Anybody with similar goal? Lets have a chat and see where we can go from there *wink*

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Heyyyyyy, so this is kind of a repost laa since i have posted about my hairs months back but now i have hair updates. I have been changing my quite a lot when i was doing my internship with Zalora. Plus, i wanna say thank you for reading my post for today (if there is any). Yeah I know I’m not one of those Twitter famous, Facebook celebrities, Instagram models or a Hipster Tumblr dude. My Twitter followers keep on unfollowing me because people are sick of my tweets, won’t blame them though. I don’t even know what I tweeted most of the time. Well babbling is over. Now is the time to talk about my post for today. So are you excited to know what hairstyles I have been trying on previously? (The sounds of crickets grew violent). Okay whatever, so let see what are the hairstyles I once wore on my big oblong shaped head.

1. The ‘I accidently poured fabric softener on my head’ Rebonding Sh*t Hair.

First of all, this was like the biggest mistakes in the history of mankind. Being sentenced to death for having this hair is a must! I wished someone had hanged me on a tree with my own stupid hair back then. What the hell was I thinking? Getting my hair straighten when I should be straightening something else. Urgh major embarrassment but hey that’s life, people made stupid choice and learn from it. I did learn it the hard way though. This stupid hair survived humiliation for a full five months. Only God knows how I felt during those days. May God forbid this hair to ever exist on top of my head ever again. Amin

2. The Mohawk

This was the first ever daring haircut I had when I was doing my diploma. Well it was daring to me though even it seems normal to some. The thing is it does not suit my face and what else can I do other than wore it proudly back then. This was the Mohawk.

3. The Blond Ambition

Well one thing about this hair was that it was my favorite hairstyle ever but was disapproved by my family and I can see why. The hell with this boy whose face looking all ‘kampung’ Malay suddenly have blonde hair right? I remembered my late father (Al-fatihah) asked me ‘tak malu ke rambut macam tu?’ and one thing about me is that, I may appear to be shy and I am shy but there is this tiny bit part of me that is shameless. So yeah I was blonde for 9 days only.

4. The Island

The name says it all. This was like the Mohawk hair but slightly different. I shaved the back and the side of my head leaving the hair on top only. Yet another messed up haircut that I gave myself. FYI all my hairstyles were DIY. I cut and color them myself.

5. The Half Black, Half White aka The Panda

This hair was the most recent hairstyle I have experimented on and I must say I kind of loving it and the feedback that I got for this hairstyle was it suited me well or not that well but most people said I looked good in it. It was my second favorite hairstyle after the fully blonde hair. 

6. The 'I love you, You love me' Monster Barney hair

This was an accident really, i bought a blue hair dye but it turned out to be purple. I swore i heard people sang the Barney's theme song while i was having my lunch. 

7. The Ice Prince Syndrome

I was once a blonde, but this time i went full platinum blonde just like that 'let it go, let it go' princess. The process of achieving this color was painful but hey i'm in love with it, Looking so cold just like my soul. 

8. The Granny Hair

This is like the it thing now where people color their hair grey or silver and was hoping that they'll look as good when they're older. so i was one of the few who tried this hairstyle. Loved it but i love Ice Blonde even more.

9. The Milk Tea Blonde

I dont know what to say about this color, hate it and that's all.

So that was it, as for now I’m bald so there’s nothing much I can do about it. Please learn something from my post today, just because that hair looks good on somebody else, it does not mean it will look good on you okay? 

The current me . Botak don't care they say

Saturday, May 23, 2015


The Fashion messenger is here people and he got some got news! the news broke like 5 days ago but hey the internet connection sucks around here okay. So it is official that this year H&M designer collaboration will be Balmain! I literally died when I first read about this, I was like seriously? I’ve been longing for a Balmain jacket because Balmain’s jackets are to die for! For a low budget people like me who can’t afford the couture Balmain jacket, this collaboration is like hopes for humanity. Mark your calendar people, it is in November 2015 and we all get to wear a Balmain or two (if you’re lucky enough). read more about the collaboration here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Eyebrows on Fleek

I got to admit, i used to look at someone's teeth and fingernails while i'm talking to them because i believe that those with good set of teeth and manicured fingernails are those who are really hygienic and take a good care of themselves. Just recently, i'm attracted to those thick and structured eyebrows or they nowadays calling it 'on fleek'. A well groomed eyebrows are not the indicator that one is hygienic or not but it indicates that one is well aware of themselves and will take the effort of making themselves look good. In a simple word, these people are self-loving. You heard the saying that "how can you love others when you can't love yourself" or Whitney Houston once sang it "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all" (i dont know where this post is going). Well i think that is all, i just wanna say that when i'm talking to you, those are the three things i'll be paying my attention to. Teeth, fingernails and eyebrows. (It is advisable not to look at mine though). Plus, if you want to know what eyebrows shape that flatter your face shape, you can click here.

Eyebrows goals !!

p/s: I haven't change my header yet and it is not good ! Boys of July was so last year. Roasted Pepper header please !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hari Raya 2015

Ramadhan is coming in less than a month is it? I forgot to check my calendar (lazy). So i bet all of you have been looking for what to wear this raya right? So why not have a look at this year raya inspiration. This year for the ladies, i've seen a lot of structured Baju Kurung and neoprene fabric. From Fiziwoo's collection to Rizalman's. The designs are minimal yet elegant and it will definitely brings out the glamour in you. Jovian Mandagie for Zalora collections this year are also something you girls can consider on having for raya. The collections known as ART DECO combines the beauty of symmetrical patterns and simplicity of a baju kurung. 

Fiziwoo's designs are very structured and neat and neoprene fabric made it look so classy and elegant.

Rizalman's designs also have the minimalist approach and looking more modern and fresh compared to the conventional baju kurung and jubah.

Jovian's designs are looking more vibrant and energetic with the bold colors and symmetrical patterns.

The girls will definitely go crazy with all the variety of baju kurung to choose from for this raya. How about the guys ? Afraid not, Zery Zamry's Hipster baju melayu are definitely something to consider having especially for those guys who are fashion forward. The cutting of the baju melayu is modern-fit and it will complement your toned body (or not). Last year, the jubah made it's major debut among the men when almost every man were spotter wearing jubah for raya. The trend seems to be carried forward to this coming raya when some of the designers are producing couple jubah. So have you guys make your decisions yet? I'm definitely going to design my own jubah this year. 

The bold designs and patterns are what will make you look out of the ordinary this raya guys.

P/S: Sheer fabric also seems to be a trend this year, remember MET Gala? I should consider of having something sheer looking this raya. LOL there goes the modesty of raya, judge me will ya?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fashion For The Face

H&M is like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for fashion enthusiasts out there. They've collaborated with top designers (Recently with Alexander Wang) and they even have home accessories and now they're launching their very own H&M make up and must i tell you, it is massive. Offering up to 700 beauty products, this power fashion retailers will definitely become the one stop fashion center (which it's already is). I'm an H&M kinda person as well and this new addition will definitely a plus 1 for me (though i don't wear make up except for my eyebrows). To have a look at the products offered (sadly not in Malaysia yet), you guys can click here. And for further reading, click here

Minimalism , that's what i like about H&M.

The Guo Pei Dynasty

Guo Pei came into the fashion scene years ago but just recently her masterpiece worn by Rihanna at the Met Gala made people around the world wondering who made that beautiful hand sewn art? Famously known across China, Guo Pei is now making herself known to the world. I've seen some of her designs and they are all masterpiece! its like you're wearing art and i can just look at it all day long. She is like the Chinese Alexander McQueen. You can google more of her work of art and if you like to know more about her, you can click here

Here are some of her masterpieces. 

And the Empress of the Fashion Dynasty

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bad Blood

Oh my God, i have never been so excited for a music video premiere as much as Lady Gaga's music videos. I will be in front of my laptop counting down with the hopes of becoming one of the first human being to be watching Gaga's new music video. However, this time around. TayTay got me all excited for her new upcoming music video 'Bad Blood' (haven't heard the song yet but i'll wait till the video comes out). Why it got me so excited? the stars of the video of course! Have you guys seen the character posters TayTay been posting on her instagram? This start studded video will be the biggest music video this year or even this century. I remembered the last music video with so many stars in it was Michael Jackson's Librarian girl (or is it Libyan girl?). But what i was hoping to see Lorde in it too ( you girls are bff right?). So, you guys think 'Bad Blood' will be the biggest music video ever? (personally i see this more like a mini movie instead of a music video). Don't you guys think the characters in the music video are geniuses? i do! Can't wait!!! Look at the poster below, TayTay as Catastrophe. (To checkout other character's posters, click here ).

p/s: Never a swifty and always a little monster but i'm still excited for Taylor.

Roasted Pepper

Hello folks, its that time of the century again where i changed my blog url. No more boys of July, them boys are having some issues among them so i decided to go with something more organic and close to the nature. What else could it be? Pepper of course. Why? because first of all i love spiciness, be it food, gossips, relationships and whatever. Wait! i don't see the relevance and importance of this post but none of my post really is important and relevant. So why not? instead of talking to myself in the toilet or inside my room, i might as well talk to myself here. It seems like i'm working on something very important while typing on the keyboard with a serious face as if i'm decoding the US nuclear system. Enough with that, what i really want to talk about here is "How badly i want to start something new" (not that new actually). It is more of reviving my old dreams, after all i'm going to graduate soon and i want to focus on my 10 years long dream (minus the 14 years of me hoping to make it as a vet until i discovered i'm bad in almost everything logical and factual). I want to venture in the fashion industry (or the creative industry) and for a start, i don't mind getting coffees or apples for them bitches (ding dong! what did Evil Queen gave Snow White?). I gotta start somewhere right? I'm planning on small small things first before i proceed with bigger things. I think the creative industry will do me justice not because i'm a creative person (i think there's a tiny bit of creativity in me though) but i'm the kind of person who likes to work on something new everyday. I'm easily get bored, so i think industries that involve creating something new is what i need. Plus, i really need the support from my family and friends because who else is going to support you right? Apart from that, i need all the wishes and prayers from all of you people and lets hope everything will go smoothly. I believe that God will help us if the intention is good. Okay now its the time for me to quote someone.

" I'm gonna change the world one sequin at a time" -Lady Gaga

Monday, May 11, 2015

Face map.

Greeting earthlings, as a normal human being who is constantly insecure about myself, be it my face, my body, my hair and even the clothes i wear. I'm always in the low when it comes to think about myself. I was told by many that I have healthy skin and somewhat flawless (I'm not making this up or trying to blow my own horn or something, people did said that and I don't know if they really mean it or else). I'm forever thankful for that but recently, my skin is not being nice to me. Zits are coming out all over my face and it seems like they are going to stay there forever (God noooooo!!!!). So due to my forever low self-esteem, I googled about why is my zit there and how the hell can i get rid of it. I found an article on that and I think it is a good read for people like me and I feel the responsibility of sharing it with my fellow self-conscious friends. It tells you about your face map and why is the zit come out at the that region of your face. If you want to know why is/are you zits there and the solution to it, click here and say this magic words out loud,

"Acne Acne Go Away, Go To Another Galaxy And Stay There"

P/S: Fight for your skin, they can't speak for themselves. Do not let the zits invade your face and make it their new home. FREE YOUR SKIN !!!

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016

No introduction needed for Louis Vuitton. As one of the leading fashion powerhouse, the new collection for Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière in my eyes are just neat and structured. I'm going to say that the Jackets or Coats are sick and I'm in love with each and every one of them. The dresses didn't disappoint as well, they are simple yet screaming Louis Vuitton. So, here are my top 5 picks from the recent Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016's fashion show.

To check out the full collection and to pick your own top 5, click here

Mother's Day Weekend.

Well everyday is a Mother's day but lets have this whole weekend appreciating her a little bit more. Every mother in this world is a superhuman. From the pain of contraction during giving birth to 'awesomeness' (which is us) to raising us and made us awesome while doing the house chores and even go to work. That is why I always admires Female heroes because in real life, Woman is truly a one of a kind superhero. While our Father has done their part as well but being pregnant for 9 month and giving birth and going through period pains for their whole life? Woman! you are amazing and sorry if the other guys always looked at you as weak and feel as if they have the authority to tell you what to do.  For that, lets spend this weekend appreciating all Mothers around the world. I love you Mom and also My other mommy, Lady Gaga the Mother Monster! Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Met Gala 2015: My Top 3

Met Gala is like a high fashion Halloween party where celebrities and influential people in Hollywood dressed to kill. This year has no exception, Lady Gaga didn't disappoint for her first Met Gala debut wearing custom Balenciaga designed by Alexander Wang. Rihanna's 'I took two whole years of my life to hand sewn this bad-ass' Golden yellow cape by Chinese designer Guo Pei broke the internet with the most meme. SJP burning headdress did just that too. It seems that this year favorite dress is to not dress at all. Names like Beyonce, Kim K, J.LO, Joan Smalls were some of the few who wore almost nothing to the Met Gala. The execution of the design is beautiful but it looks kinda tacky and cheap, especially Beyonce's Givenchy sheer diamond dress. Well enough about them, so here are my Top 3 at the Met Gala 2015. (you can disagree, I don't mind).

Well to me, these people really stick to the theme of Met Gala 2015 which is "China, Through Looking Glass". JB's custom made Balmain Dragon suit is to die for. It fits him perfectly and (i can't believe I'm saying this) he looked damn good in it! Lady Gaga on the other hand looked like and Empress of the Gaga Dynasty where she rules the Little Monsters. Super neat Kimono-like coat from Balenciaga and custom made by Alexander Wang. Lastly, Fan Bing Bing dramatic cape really is China through looking glass and might as well become China's very first superheroine.

Other honorable mentions from the Met Gala 2015 are Miley Cyrus and Adriana Lima. I'm dead in love with these two beautiful women's make up. Miley looked fresh out of the shower wet make up really do justice to her face. Adriana Lima? oh where do I even begin? She is an angel for God sake
one word, PERFECTION! 

Oh yes, the most outrageous headdress at Met Gala, Miss SJP. Philip Treacy flaming headdress really turned lots of head at the red carpet .

Zalora Malaysia


Hi everyone, well this will be the most cliche introduction for every new post I wrote after for so long. I've been dying to find time to update my blog. well as you can see now, I've deleted all the previous posts (No I didn't, I just reverted them to draft) to give ways for me to actually give a new life to my blog. Okay now, back to the title which is Zalora Malaysia. 

For those who didn't know (like who did?), I'm currently doing my internship here in Zalora Malaysia and I'll be finishing in a week time. Let me share about my experience here in Zalora Malaysia. First of all, I'm placed under the Production Department which I'm so grateful to be placed here even though the things I'm doing here doesn't really related to my field of study, but the people here are just so friendly and very helpful. Just when you thought it is going to be all 'Devil wears Prada' ish vibe here in Zalora and it is nowhere close to that movie. Okay now let me talk about what I'm doing here. 

In the Production Department of Zalora Malaysia, There are several other sub-departments I supposed or whatever its called. There is the Measurement Team (that's me), QC team, Content Writer Team, Retoucher Team, Studio Team and Styling Team (I think that's all). My responsibility is to update the measurements provided by the warehouse into the Zalora website (yes you're right, all the size details are uploaded by yours truly). Well actually I'm responsible for Zalora Singapore (so size details in Zalora Singapore were updated by me). Plus, I'm also responsible in updating the brand files for Zalora Singapore as well and I've been updating measurement for brands such as Mango, Mango Man, River Island, American Apparel and many more. 

It was hard at first because I'm not familiar with all the software these people are using but I managed to learn it in time. Oh yes! I remembered something. I'm also responsible in updating the measurements which provided directly by the suppliers and I've encountered lots of issues with it. The proud moment is when my supervisor asked to find a solution for this matter and my ideas were generously poured onto the table and she approved. I felt like I've contributed something to Zalora (its a good start isn't it?) and my supervisor also asked me to make a new file to gather all the measurements provided my the suppliers and with minimal supervision, I managed to get the file ready (stop blowing your own horn lah adoi). 

So basically, that is all I've been doing here in Zalora apart of making new friends and gained valuable experience. With the remaining one week here, I'm sure I'll be missing coming to work and updating files and share foods with the people in your island. This will be a good start for me to have a career in the fashion industry. Working in the fashion industry has always been my dream since I found out that I'm bad in Science and I can't be a Vet (which was my ambition when I was little up till I'm 13 years old). At least now I know how to measure clothes and stuff and what is in and what is not. I'm going to cherish this wonderful experience wherever I go. Zalora Malaysia has given me so much to learn and I'll be forever grateful. 

What is next for me? Alexander Wang please tell me something good please.